Purchase Orders

For purchase orders, we accept payments via bank (wire) transfer or checks from major U.S. banks. Bank details for wire transfers are included in our invoice. Bank transfer fees are not included in the list prices. Your company must pay bank transfer fees.

All orders must be prepaid. We reserve the right not to accept a purchase order if we believe that any part of the information it provides is false or inaccurate.

Complete your purchase order and either email it to client.billing@codeeffects.com or mail it to the address below. If you do not accept invoices electronically, please indicate where you would like us to send the invoice.

By submitting a purchase order to Code Effects Software you automatically agree to Code Effects's Purchase Order Conditions.
Address the PO to
Code Effects Software
Attn: Billing
3070 Windward Plaza, Suite F406
Alpharetta, GA 30005
United States
Your company information
Company Name
Billing address
Person responsible for receiving
and processing the invoice
Full name
Phone number
Email address
Person responsible for maintaining
and administering the license

(if different from the person above)
Full name
Phone number
Email address
Shipping address (only if different from the company's billing address)
Code Effects license information
Type, price and quantity of each license
Total price of all licenses