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RuleEventArgs Class

Namespace: CodeEffects.Rule.Asp
Assembly: CodeEffects.Rule.Editor.Asp.dll

The arguments class that provides information about the rule when the DeleteRule and LoadRule events of the Asp.RuleEditor are raised.


public partial class RuleEventArgs : System.EventArgs


  • IsEvaluationTypeRule Type: System.Nullable<System.Boolean>

    Gets or sets the value indicating whether the rule that is being handled is of evaluation type. Obviously, a value of False means that the rule is of execution type. This property helps when you store different types of rules in different locations. A value of null indicates that Rule Editor doesn't know the type of the rule.

  • RuleID Type: System.String

    Gets or sets the ID of the rule that is being handled. Note that Rule Editor assigns IDs to all new rules automatically using string representations of System.Guid. Those IDs are stored in Rule XML. The only time you need to overwrite this value is if your system uses its own rule IDs.


The Asp.RuleEditor and Toolbar topics provide code samples that use the RuleEventArgs class.

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