New Features in Version 5.0

  • FlexSource Technology

    In addition to existing Plain .NET Class and Source XML types of source objects, version 5.0 introduces the new FlexSource type. This source type allows you to build a source object on-the-fly without having it at design- or even run-time. This is convenient when you have all your fields and their values stored in a database.

    Implementation of this type is simple; it follows the standard .NET Reflection design pattern and uses its main types such as PropertyInfo, MethodInfo as base types for properties, in-rule methods, etc. The ASP.NET FlexSource demo project provides detailed implementation of this new source type.

  • Cut, Copy and Paste Support

    Version 5.0 supports the Cut, Copy and Paste for all rule elements in Rule Area. Refer to the Rule Editor topic for details.

  • Field Groups

    Version 5.0 introduces Field Groups, a convenient way to group all or some of the in-rule methods, fields, and properties of your source object in context menus of the Rule Area. You can group your fields by setting the value of the new FieldAttriobute.Group property of each field individually. Learn more about this new exciting feature.

  • Field Filters

    This new feature allows you to filter the list of rule fields and in-rule methods in context menus. Together with the new Field Groups, this new feature is an excellent new way to have almost complete control over the field context menus in Rule Area. Details can be found here.

  • Textbox Value Inputs

    At this point most of our large customers throughout the world dropped their requirements to support IE 9. This allowed us to finally replace the SPAN-based text input with the regular textbox control.

  • Simplified Styles

    All context menus in Rule Editor are now DIV-based. If your project uses modified Code Effects styles then change the CSS class div.ceMenu table to div.ceMenu div. Class div.ceMenu table td can be dropped as it's no longer in use. The default font size for the most rule elements is changed from 12px to 13px

    In version 5.0, Code Effects styles have been split into two separate files: CodeEffects.Common.css and CodeEffects.(theme).css. We also greatly simplified our CSS classes. The main goal now is to allow your existing styles to have better control over how the Rule Editor is displayed in your markup. Of course, you can edit those CSS files to achieve your styling needs. Details on Code Effects styling can be found in this topic.

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