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Object.Evaluate<TSource> method

Declaring Class: CodeEffects.Rule.Core.RuleExtensions
Namespace: CodeEffects.Rule.Core

Evaluates instances of TSource type against Rule XML, and uses the generic evaluator class.


For evaluation type rules, returns the result of the evaluation. For execution type rules, returns True if any rule action was invoked during the evaluation. Otherwise, returns False.


public static bool Evaluate<TSource>(
	this TSource source,
	string rulesetXml,
	string ruleId = null,
	GetRuleDelegate getRule = null)

Type Parameters


  • rulesetXml, System.String - This string can contain either a single Rule XML document, a single <rule> node that contains a rule, or a collection of rules called the ruleset.
  • ruleId, System.String - If the Rule XML passed in the previous parameter is a ruleset then this nullable parameter contains the ID of the particular rule located inside of that ruleset.
  • getRule, CodeEffects.Rule.Core.GetRuleDelegate - This nullable parameter takes a reference to a method that returns string Rule XML by rule ID. Pass this delegate if your rule may potentially reference reusable rules that are not stored in the same XML ruleset.


bool success = sourceInstance.Evaluate(ruleXmlString, 1null);

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