Requirements and Visual Studio Support

The Code Effects business rules engine supports ASP.NET 4.0 and MVC 4 and up (IIS run-time .NET 4.0 and up). The component (including its rules engine) runs on any PC/server with any Windows OS installed as long as the machine is capable of running at least .NET version 4.0.

In order to make the Code Effects’ footprint on your machine(s) as small as possible, we deliver it as a small assembly that does not require GAC installation or any other special "handling" or "environment integration".

If you use Code Effects in an ASP.NET project in Visual Studio and would like to be able to drop Rule Editor onto web pages and set some of its values in design mode, you need to add Code Effects component to your Toolbox panel manually:

  1. Open the Toolbox panel or hit Ctrl+Alt+x key combination.
  2. Right-click inside of the Toolbox panel and select "Add Tab".
  3. Name the new tab "Code Effects".
  4. Right-click inside of the new Code Effects tab and select "Choose Items..."
  5. In the "Choose Toolbox Items" dialog, click the Browse... button.
  6. Navigate to the CodeEffects.Rule.dll file downloaded from and select it. Click Yes on security warning (if any) and OK to close the dialog.
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