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To obtain the Free version of Code Effects, either install it from NuGet or run the Code Effects Downloader and select the "Evaluate a free version" checkbox on the first screen.

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  • All demo projects are set up to use NuGet to download and install necessary assemblies. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and your copy of Visual Studio has the latest version of NuGet Package Manager installed.
  • BUILD THE PROJECT! before attempting to run it. It is likely that some references may be broken if you've just downloaded the demo.
  • You won't be able to run any of the MVC demos for Visul Studio 2010 unless you have installed ASP.NET MVC 4 for Visual Studio 2010 SP1. All other demos should be fine.
  • All ASP.NET demos are not Web Site projects - they are Web Applications. Follow the instructions below to open, build and run the ASP.NET demo if you are not familiar with Web Applications.
    • Download the ASP.NET demo project from above and unzip it anywhere on any of your local drives.
    • Double-click the .csproj file. This will open the project in Visual Studio.
    • Right-click the project node in Solution Explorer and select the Build option. Save the solution file when Visual Studio prompts you to do so.
    • After Visual Studio successfully builds the project, press Ctrl-F5 to run it. Your browser will display the Default.aspx page.
  • All Rule-Based Data Filtering demos use a small SQL Server 2008 database called WebRuleLinqTest.mdf. It is located in the /App_Data folder. You need to attach this database to your instance of SQL Server and review the connection string in the project's web.config if your local machine runs an instance of a full version of SQL Server. This database doesn't include its .ldf (log) file. Make sure to select its entry in the database details window and click the Remove button while attaching the .mdf to your instance of SQL Server, as shown in this screenshot. Otherwise, read the /ReadMe_Database.txt file located in the root of the demo. All Business Rules demos don't use that database.
  • The Ajax functionality in these demo projects uses the jQuery client framework to post data to the server and json2.js script in case you are running the demo in IE with Compatibility Mode turned on. The use of both scripts is subject to their terms and EULAs. The Code Effects component itself does not depend on any third-party client library.


All demo projects use the Free license of Code Effects, version 4.x. Please contact us if you need help with running these demos or have questions or feedback about the Code Effects product.

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