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To obtain the Free version of Code Effects, either install it from NuGet or download and run the Code Effects Downloader and select the "Evaluate a free version" checkbox on the first screen.

Code Effects Downloader is a small, self-contained .NET 4.0 program that you can use to automatically build and download your copy of Code Effects package.

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  1. Unless you need a Free version of Code Effects, obtain a valid product key either by sending us your Purchase Order or by purchasing it using our online store.

  2. Click the button above to download the executable. Code Effects Downloader doesn't require installation. Just double-click the .exe file to open the program when your browser is finished downloading it.

  3. On the first screen, enter your product key or select the Free version checkbox and click the Next button:

  4. The next screen will ask for the domain name (for the Standard and Enterprise licenses), the Code Effects version number, and a folder where the package should be downloaded to. If using a domain name of a public web application, do not add "www". Click the Download Code Effects button.

  5. With a decent connection, it usually takes about 30 seconds to build your copy of Code Effects assembly and download the package to your drive. Close the Downloader after it has confirmed that the build is complete and the package has been successfully downloaded. You can delete its .exe file from your disk; there is no need to uninstall or clean up anything.

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